PCA/Secretary CVU 32 hrs days eves



***Thisposition works in a dual capacity of a PCA & Unit Secretary***


PCA (PatientCare Associate) The PCA performs various duties to assist the professionalnursing staff with routine patient care needs, communication, comfort, safety,documentation, and treatments. Works under direction and general supervision ofthe Nurse Manager, Charge Nurse, or Registered Nurse as required and accordingto established nursing policies and procedures. Ensures quality and safedelivery of care to patients in the following age groups: All ages - Neonate,Infancy, Toddler, Preschool, School Age, Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric.PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. BASIC PATIENT CARE: Provides patientswith physical, emotional, and spiritual care using appropriate resourcesaccording to nursing policy and procedures (i.e., bathing, bed making, positioning,ADLs, skin care, incontinence care, toileting rounds every 2 hours). 2.TREATMENT/PROCEDURES: Administers treatments and procedures as ordered byphysician and following policy and procedures (i.e., vital signs, collectingcatheter, sputum, and stool specimens, TEDs, sequential compression boots,applications of heat and cold, sitz baths, simple wound care, D/C, FoleyCatheter and saline lock, admission and discharge, and post mortem care). 3.PATIENT ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY: Follows and adheres to standards of infectioncontrol in the care of all patients. Reduces risks to patients, otheremployees, and self through use of proper body mechanics. Demonstratesworkplace pride by maintaining patient areas in a neat and orderly condition(i.e., answers call lights in a timely manner, empties linens and fills carts,and keeps table tops free of trash). In the event of emergencies (fires, CodeBlue, Code Purple, and stat calls), performs assigned duties under thedirection of the Nurse Manager or Charge Nurse. 4. COMMUNICATION/CUSTOMERSERVICE: Reports patient complaints to Charge Nurse in a timely manner.Observes and reports any unusual changes in the physical or mental status ofpatients to the Charge Nurse as situations necessitate. Communicates withpatients, families, and other appropriate members of the health team in acourteous and timely manner and following established guidelines and nursingpolicies and procedures. Refers unusual problems to supervisor as required.Meets Hospital customer service behaviors as they relate to the tencommitments, using scripting as indicated. 5. DOCUMENTATION: Ensure accuratepatient documentation according to established nursing policies and procedures.


Unit Secretary:  1.   Transcription:

            A.        Accurately transcribes physician ordersand notifies the appropriate nursing staff.  Initiates and maintainspatient care Kardex.  Recopies MAR (Medication Administration Record)forms.

            B.        Enters and coordinates computer data onall patients in the unit.


2.         Communication/ Coordination:

            A.        Coordinates with other Hospitaldepartments, such as Radiology,  Houskeeping, Laboratories, SocialServices, etc. to request and obtain supplies and services.  Works withnursing staff to coordinate patient transfers to and from the unit.

            B.        Serves as the unit's communicationperson, answering phone calls, taking and relaying messages.  Answersquestions of visitors, physicians, or other departments in person or by phone. Initiates emergency protocol under the direction of a physician ornurse.

            C.        Receives and directs visitors and familymembers.  Provides routine information regarding Hospital and unitprocedures.


3.         Chart/ Record Maintenance:

            A.        Initiates, maintains, and updates patientcharts, inserting appropriate forms, ancillary department reports, consults,etc. 

            B.       Rearranges order of charts formedical records when patient is discharged.  Ensures that charts fortransfer patients      are copiedprior to transfer to other facilities.


4.         UnitManagement Assistance:

            A.        Ensures that the unit is adequatelystocked with necessary supplies and equipment.  Completes appropriaterequisitions and/or charge slips, obtaining proper approvals.

            B.        Functions as resource person and troubleshooter for computer related issues for the unit.  Accesses patient datafor nursing and medical staff as needed.

            C.        Maintains work area on nursing unit in aneat and orderly condition.


5.         Orientation:

            A.        Assists with orientation of newemployees to the functioning of the nursing station and the transcription oforders.  Performs other duties as required or directed.


WORKING CONDITIONS: Almost constantstanding, walking, and pushing and lifting of patients, materials, andsupplies. Works in difficult positions while assisting in positioning orlifting patients. Exposure to patient elements during course of duties. 


JOB REQUIREMENTS: Current CNAcertificate (MA

Experience working in an acute caresetting preferred 

Excellent interpersonal skills

Experience working as a Secretary ina healthcare environment is desirable


Category: Nursing

Primary Location: Natick, MA

Hospital/Facility: MetroWest Medical Center

Shift Type: Rotating