ED Tech/Constant Observer Emergency Dept Framingham 24 hrs eves


ED Tech/Constant Observer

EmergencyDepartment Framingham Campus

24hrs/wk; eves

GENERAL SUMMARY:  Undergeneral supervision of Charge Nurse or a Registered Nurse and according toestablished Emergency Department policies and procedures, maintains appropriatelevel of supplies and cleaning of equipment for the Emergency Department.  Assists with observation and moving andrestraining of patients as necessary. Provides emergency services to adult, geriatric, and pediatric patientsas instructed.  Also transports patientsor specimens to appropriate departments. Ensures quality and safe delivery of care to patients in the followingage groups:  All ages; Neonate; Infancy;Toddler; Preschool; School age; Adolescent; Adult; Geriatric.



1.             Assists with patient care: transports patients;performs stat duties as situations necessitate; performs EKG's as needed, appropriatelyplacing electrodes and securing a hard copy of the patient's permanent recordand assuring it is properly                 markedwith patient’s name and number; takes patient’s pulse ox and/or vitalsigns,  referring problems to nursingstaff as situation necessitates.  Assistswith positioning and/or moving patients from stretchers to wheelchairs.  Assists in the restraining of patients, usingthe team approach.  Also responsible forthe observation of disruptive patients in restraints, watching for escalationof behavior.  Assists with other patientcare as required.  Applies Nasal CannulaOxygen as directed by RN, obtains specimens, such as urine, as directed,performs bedside testing and quality control, also performs noninvasive oxygensaturations and peak flow measurements on patients in need of respiratoryreadings, performs visual acuities as directed. Makes up stretchers and beds as necessary.  Maintains area in clean and orderlycondition, following all sterile procedures. Observes universal precautions as required.  Performs phlebotomy duties as needed,following all sterile procedures and proper labeling techniques.  At all times observes patient for negativereactions and takes appropriate measures to allay patient anxiety.  Disposes of used needles or equipment accordingto established safety procedures.


2.             Each shift is responsible for stocking the EmergencyDepartment supply areas and for checking equipment and cleaning or sterilizingas necessary.  Performs other relatedduties as needed.  Maintains and ensuresadequate and appropriate levels of supplies or equipment at all times.


3.             Transports specimens to appropriate lab area asneeded.  Obtains supplies fromDistribution, Central Supply, Medical Records, or Dietary as required by shiftprocedures for the Department.


4.             Assists with other duties, such as answeringtelephones and/or other patient related duties as needed.


5.             May assist with resuscitation of patients as situationnecessitates under direction of RN.



1.             The level of knowledge equivalent to that ordinarilyacquired through completion of a High School Diploma with specialized coursesin phlebotomy procedures, formal training for the team approach to patientintervention, EKG training, and basic training for vital signs and relatedpatient care.  Yearly certificationrequired.  CPR certification required.  


2.             Minimum of 6 months’ experience as an EmergencyTechnician or related experience.




Category: Nursing

Primary Location: Framingham, MA

Hospital/Facility: MetroWest Medical Center

Shift Type: Evening