Job Details

Pastoral Care Program Coordinator 32 hrs


GENERALSUMMARY:  Responsible for the development and coordination ofthe pastoral care services at MetroWest MedicalCenter.  Develop and implement policiesto ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.   Represent the pastoral care service atvarious community activities and regulatory surveys.   Develops systems to ensure all referrals andrequests for spiritual consult be implemented and documented in a timelymanner.  Provide services to patients ofall ages.  Report to the Associate ChiefNursing officer.  




1.   Develops aninclusive medical center spiritual care program .  Ensures consistency in the application ofsystems and policies across both campuses.


2.   Develops systemto ensure clergy of various denominations are informed of  hospitalized parishioner(s). 


3.   Developsrelationships with community clergy of all faiths and denominations.  Provides opportunities for open dialogue withthe community and the pastoral care service at MetroWest  Medical Center.  Organizes bi-annual meetings between area clergy and Hospital administration.


4.   Ensures scheduleis developed for clergy who provide support to the pastoral care program forthe hospital.  Ensures schedule providescoverage to meet regulatory requirements .


5.   Acts as amember of the interdisciplinary team to ensure spiritual and emotional needsare incorporated into the patient plan of care. 

·   Contacts priests on duty for sacraments and /or otherspecial attention

·   Provides computer printout of patients by denominationand congregation to assist clergy in locating members their congregation.

·   Visits new patients to inform them of our PastoralCare Services and determine the spiritual needs and assistance that can beprovided.  Reviews patient chart forpertinent information and relevant information.

·   Visits with patients, families, and others to offerprayers, consultations, bereavement counseling, or referrals to otherprofessionals in specialized areas, when necessary

·   Acts as liaison between patients/family and hospitalstaff

·   Reviews referral requests and provides consultation


 6.          Maintains  statistics for both campuses including thenumber of patients visited each week.


7.             Overseesthe planning and implementation of specific programs including monthly CatholicMasses and  interfaith services.  


8.          Develops and coordinates annual  training and orientation programs for localparishioners who would be interested in being volunteer pastoral care visitors. 


9.           Actsas a role model for hospital and pastoral staff. 


10.         Incollaboration with the associate coordinator, develops a multi denominationalprogram for National Pastoral Care Week.


11.          Participateson various Hospital committees.


13.         Conductsannual performance reviews.  Supports andmentors staff to provide continual growth opportunities. Provides ongoingeducational opportunities for staff.     


14.         Ensuresstaff are compliant with hospital rules of conduct and hospital  policies and procedures. 


15.         Maintainsschedule and adheres to hospital payroll policies and  practices.


16.        Maintainscurrency in field by attending continuing educational programs andparticipating in relevant professional organizations.






1.    Bachelor Degree Required.  Masters Degree Preferred.

2.     CPECertification required 

3.    Minimum of 3 years  pastoral experience in a healthcare setting;hospital experience desired

4.    Experience in providing supervision to a team ofpastoral care staff/clergy 




Category: Non-Clinical/Administrative

Primary Location: Framingham, MA

Hospital/Facility: MetroWest Medical Center

Shift Type: Days