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Housekeeper LMH 32 hrs 7a-3:30p eo weekend and holiday


We are seeking an Environmental Service Worker (Housekeeper)Under general supervision, performs housekeeping and service duties necessary to maintain the Hospital in an orderly, safe, sanitary, and attractive condition. Is primarily responsible for heavy floor care and other heavy housekeeping duties. PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Transporting: Collects cleaning supplies and equipment (including mattresses, furniture, cleaning chemicals, cases of toilet paper/paper towels, hand soap, brooms, buckets, etc.) and transports to assigned area(s) by: carrying items, using cleaning cart, using trash cart, using linen cart, using 4-wheeled "flat bed" cart, using other rolling carts. Collects (using plastic trash liners), transports, and store waste; including infectious waste, sharps containers, regular waste, paper/recycling trash, and corrugated trash from various containers (or holding areas) in: trash rooms, trash carts, compactors, autoclave machines, infectious waste boxes, open top dumpsters, and other "holding areas". Collects, transports, and stores discarded items, such as broken furniture or medical equipment, in: trash rooms, trash carts, compactors, autoclave machines, infectious waste boxes, open top dumpsters, and other "holding areas". Carts and equipment used for and during transportation are not left (unattended) blocking fire exits, are kept organized and clean, and are used in a manner which does not cause disruption to other staff, patients, and visitors. 2. Routine Cleaning: Maintains a safe, clean, and aseptic condition in assigned work areas at all times. Cleans assigned areas by washing furnishings, floors, and equipment with special cleaning solutions and disinfectant to reduce the spread of infection. Washes walls, ceilings, lighting fixtures, and windows (in and out) by hand, using water, cleaning solutions, and associated equipment. Turns mattresses, changes cubicle curtains and drapes, as necessary. Makes beds with clean linens in prescribed manner. Uses dust cloth and vacuum cleaner to vacuum and/or damp dust ceilings, vents, drapery rods, cubicle tracks, blinds, sprinkler heads, windowsills, floors, furniture, lights, televisions, ledges, wall mounted fixtures, etc. Polishes furniture, scours and polishes sinks, tubs, showers, mirrors, and similar equipment; replenishes supplies of soap, towels, and other dispensable items. 3. Police Cleaning: Picks up litter, such as paper towels, needle caps, wrappers, gloves, lint, string, paper, and other items from floors, carpets, handrails, tables, counters, and other surfaces that are inappropriate as a storage area for trash and litter throughout the work day in assigned area and in general when walking to and from various areas. Keeps furniture and equipment, such as chairs, tables, IV poles, carts, hampers, stretchers, and housekeeping equipment, neat and orderly t throughout the work day. Organizes magazines, brochures, and other items used by staff and visitors on tables, counters, and desks. 4. Safety: Reports any mechanical failures or other repair situations observed in assigned areas to supervisor. Maintains clean work area and observes all safety rules. Performs all duties in a safe manner. Attends all required in-service training programs. 5. Special Duties: Performs special cleaning duties, including; slow speed floor scrubbing/stripping, high speed buffing/burnishing, carpet extracting/rotary cleaning, wall washing, window washing, and other duties to meet the operating needs of the Hospital. Such other duties may be added to or substituted for some of the duties above, depending on patient census and other factors affecting workload at the time.


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Category: Maintenance, Food, Housekeeping - Maintenance, Food Service,Housekeeping and Security

Primary Location: Natick, MA

Hospital/Facility: MetroWest Leonard Morse Hospital

Shift Type: Days